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In regular activities, we talk in English and in Japanese.

You may come to our activities any time you want and we never force you to come!! We welcome all of you, including those who aren't good at talking in English, those from other university, and so on... All of you are welcomed!!

Therefore, we do our activities with different members every time and the number is about 20 to 30.

These are our regular activities!

First of all, Come to the entrance of the GAKUSEI KAIKAN. You'll see green bench on your left. We meet there.
Then we move to a different place where we can talk. We mainly use the meeting room.
When we got in the room, we make groups with four people. We change groups to give you chances to talk with other members.
Then we introduce ourselves in English and have a free talk.
After a while, we'll ask one of you to "declare" a topic which you want us to talk about.

For example, "How much do you spend on your fashions for a month?" "How do you spend your holidays?" "Why do Japanese freeze up in public?" "What do you think of Americanization?"
We discuss all kinds of topics, such as Daily Life, Cultures, Politics, International Affairs, and so on.
We also have time to talk in Japanese for foreign students.

We do ...
Free talks including self introduction. (In English)

Change groups. (4 students for 1 group)

Declaration from Japanese student in English. (Talk in English)

Change groups. (4 students for 1 group)

Declaration from foreign student in Japanese. (Talk in Japanese)

We do our activities from 18:00 to 19:30. Then we'll have dinner with our members only if you have time. This is a good chance to talk with other members that you couldn't talk in the activity.

We also have Chinese-Japanese and Korean-Japanese conversation activities. If you want to know more about this, please contact us♪

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